Monday, April 22, 2013

Rod Day

My package of rods for the printer arrived today. Three six foot threaded and three three foot smooth.

Here is one of the rods in the vise on my messy workbench ready to be cut.

And the finished rods waiting for the rest of the kit. I am getting very impatient. Only a couple of more days.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I have just started the process of following the InMoov project to create a humanoid robot constructed from 3D printed pieces and a variety of electronic components. My assumption is that I will be involved for quite a while in this project. In case you have not heard of the InMoov project, here is a link to the blog:

I do not have the necessary 3D printer so I have ordered one to be received in the next few days. It is a 

V2 Linear Prusa Kit - Deluxe

ordered from MakerFarm. Here is the info from the order:

V2 Linear Prusa Kit - Deluxe
Color of Printed Parts
Glow in the dark Green
Hot End (3mm Filament)
.35mm Nozzle for 3mm filament
2.2lb (1kg) 3mm White ABS Filament1kgWhiteABS31
The one part of the printer that is not included is the assortment of threaded and unthreaded rods. I ordered these from McMaster-Carr and here is the info from that order:

198957A734ASTM A193 Grade B7 Alloy Steel Threaded Rod, Plain Finish, 5/16"-18 Thread, 6' Length3
in the morning4.43
28893K41Multipurpose O1 Tool Steel, Tight-Tolerance Rod, 0.3125" Diameter, 3' Long3
in the morning5.23
Your order is subject only to our terms and conditions, available at
Applicable shipping charges will be added.

I have not yet received any of this so I will report back about the assembly process.