Saturday, July 20, 2013

Finger assembly #4 and other stuff

Assembly test #4

Here is the info about the latest assembly of the prosthetic finger.

I printed the two new parts and they are a fraction shorter. I assembled the pieces and the finger comes closer to working but not quite.

Picture of the pieces before assembly. You can just see the little filament plug that I glued into the tip to connect the actuator to.

With the actuator on the pin.

The finger together but without the various filament pegs.

And the finger with the pegs.

Now, the flex tests. This picture is when I rotated the gear to check the flex. The tip is still in the start position.

And this one is the result if I turn the gear quickly. The momentum of the other joints flexing causes the tip to flex also. When the finger is flexed as in this picture or the prior picture, the tip joint can be moved from the straight original position to the flexed position and back but the actuator does not have enough 'pull' to keep it flexed.

Prosthetic finger servo and worm gear

While I have been working on assembling the finger I was working on getting the worm gear and servo together and ready to run the finger. I got the worm gear to run freely in the servo holder and got the worm gear mounted to the servo. I have not yet received the Corona servos for this so I am using a micro servo that I had laying around. In order to make things fit I made a 7 mm diameter 2 mm thick spacer and then glued the worm gear, space and cut down servo horn together. Tomorrow will be making the assembled bits flex the finger, hopefully without breaking any of the delicate little bits. 

Here's some pictures.

Torso mostly together

In my quest to eventually get a whole InMoov together I have gotten one shoulder and most of the torso and some odd left shoulder parts printed and together. I have a torso mount and an old broomstick connected to the end of my table with the torso mounted. I imagine my InMoov looking over to check out what I am doing occasionally.

The 3d printer difficulties have been greatly reduced lately except for a broken X axis pulley and a randomly failing extruder that turned out to be bad bearings and a pulley slipping on its shaft.

Here's a picture of the torso. You need to supply the missing head and arms in your imagination.

Well, I can see the head and arms.



  1. Hi Morris, yes I can see the head and the arms too!
    One remark for to help, you have set "ThroatHole" upside down.
    Okay I reworked a previous design I had made, because obviously the finger tip mechanism doesn't seem to work on PhalangerV3.
    So you can find on Thingiverse PhalangerV4 and ActuatorV2 as new components. Let me know how this goes if you still have some time to share.

  2. It makes a lot better sense to have the throat turned round that way.