Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Prosthetic assembly test #2

After Gael told me I had the first actuator upside down the assembly went a lot better. Here is a picture of it together but with filament pins still sticking out. I haven't done the servo assembly part yet.

And a picture with the finger flexed. The end joint does not flex yet. There doesn't seem to be a mechanism for making that joint move. I can see that there is a hole in the end piece without a way to insert a pin and no matching hold in an actuator. I may still have an assembly error. Important part here is that rotating the gear part flexes the finger.

Here is a shot from underneath to show where I used my exacto knife a bit to make clearance for the gear to rotate.



  1. Just checked the missing hole for the last actuator, my mistake. I forgot to create the hole in the cut part for 3d printing.
    Doing it now. I will re-upload on Thingiverse and let you know in about 30 minutes. I will send you by email just that part, so you don't have to re-print all the finger parts.

  2. Hello Morris.
    I am very happy to see your pictures. I made the alpha version of "bionico hand" with Nicolas Huchet and Gael gave me this link. I also discover that you are using opensim so maybe we will meet inworld to speak about our prosthetics prototypes !

  3. @ Gael. My printer stopped working last night and I just got it fixed a short while ago. I will get the new parts printed soon and re-assemble. I'll let you know how it goes.

    @ Hugoblwan. Yes, I was experimenting and building worlds with opensim until a few months ago when I discovered the InMoov project. I built a printer and have been working on building my inmoov since and haven't gotten back to the virtual worlds. The possibility of creating prosthetic parts at home is an intriguing idea and an idea that I really want to support.


  4. Have an attached gear at the end of the curved part in the second joint that, when bent, acts with another gear at the third part, then have a flexible filament in the back of the finger.(or not, i don't know)