Friday, July 19, 2013

Prosthetic assembly #3

After dealing with extruder problems I managed to print the new finger piece to try to get the finger tip to flex. On looking at the printed part I could immediately see that the new hole was so close to the edge that there was really not enough plastic to give the end any strength so I had to add some plastic around the hole and on the edge. The red part is the added plastic. 

The next two pictures show the new part in place with the filament pins and flexed. The addition of the new hole and pin essentially locks the tip into a non-flexed position.

The next picture shows the finger in flexed position with the new pin removed and the finger tip part manually flexed. It appears that the finger tip would need to pivot around the new hole location and the relative location of the actuator end would have to shorten in relation to that pivot location.

The next two pictures are taken from the other side in order to show the location of all the pins.

I tried to fit together the part with the new hole and the other parts in as many ways as I could but the way it is shown here was the only one that allowed all the holes to match that I could find.



  1. hello i haven't 3d printer but i have a good mecanisme for finguer

  2. Gee. We just wasted time. There was no need for the new hole. Funny how pictures can lead in a wrong direction. The actuator needs to be first attached to the tip part before being attached to the second phalanger. I will post a new pic on Thingiverse for to explain. Hopefully this will be the final run.

  3. Now the last thing I wonder is why in your last picture the last actuator is so low inside.
    Ok got it!! you will need to reprint the whole second phalanger because it is too long as you have it now. I had a ring I had to remove on both parts before to uploading them and I forgot to do so.
    I send you the two parts to re-print by mail.
    Now you see what I go through before releasing parts for InMoov normally? Some people wonder why I take so long for to create the legs, ahaha.

  4. There is now another post after this one.