Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Prosthetic finger version 2 assembly and success

I printed the new versions of the finger and the actuators. There were some small problems with three parts of the fingers and the actuators printed a bit thicker that the previous ones.

This picture is of the new pieces.

I think they are much more attractive in purple.

This picture is of the bottoms of the three parts that have a first layer problem.

This one is of the assembled finger in the extended position.

... and the flexed position ...

... and the extended position once again.

Each of the flex/extend positions were done by moving the part connected to the servo base only and no adjustment of the other pieces was done. I would call that success. There is a newer version that I have not yet printed that should take care of the actuator issues and the finger layer 1 problem.

Also, I have a working servo holder/worm gear assembly that has to be mated to the 'final' version of the finger.

More to come.


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