Thursday, July 25, 2013

New servo holder - better flex

After printing the newest servo holder and assembling, here is a picture. It looks better than the last version.



  1. Pretty good! That new servoholder is very clean.
    First phalanger moves exactly as it should. Second and third phalanger could go a little further still. But I guess we will stop for now. In one week and a half I will be able to print one myself and I will see what can be still improved. I think we did a pretty good job! When I come back to my workshop I will make a new post on the blog and I would like to put a link to your blog and maybe use three or four of your pictures to explain what we went through, would it be okay? This a very interesting progress, I had put a link on the forum, but if I put one on the blog you will get more views.

  2. Great! I will now proceed with getting the servo and worm gear fitted. Feel free to use any of the pictures or other material as you wish.

  3. Hello, i dont know if this blog is still update but i have a question about this prosthetic finger: is that works with the corrona servo because for me with 180° of rotation and the worm gear, it cant make move the gear of 90°.